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“Douglas your writing is concise, taut, and you take what could be complicated details and roll them out seamlessly — and the pace, terrific.”

— Beth Davey, Davey Literary & Media

Whose Story Counts?  Yours. You have a business or personal story to tell that will move an audience—your audience. And you are very likely the only person capable of telling it. Let’s get started.

“I am very pleased with your services.Your endless creativity and ability to meet tough deadlines continues to impress me.”

— Jeff Elliott, President, Power PR

I’m a member of Writers Guild of America West.  I enjoy book projects that may adapt well to television and film adaptations.  

“Douglas is a very knowledgeable about the field of self-publishing. He worked closely with me as a consultant for my book. His ideas are innovative and creative. I easily give him my highest recommendation. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with!”

— Sandra Dupont, therapist for teens, MA, MS, MFT

I am the recipient of multiple writing grants and fellowships from arts councils in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan.

“You always manage to make things interesting out of the most difficult assignments.”

— Sergio Briceno, CEO, CaseCruzer

The descriptive power of his words … was exceptional.”

— Midwest Book Review, The Lake That Stole Children

“An excellent novel that touched my heart in so many ways.”

— Amazon review of The Memory Songbook “

This is excellent. I believe not only is this on-point with the client’s themes, but I feel they will love the conciseness and clear message.”

— Nick Alt, president, Clear-Media


“Great news, Doug.  Everyone here loved the story.  Excellent work as always.”

—Marcus Galindo, Marketing Dept., JM Eagle